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Becoming a carer

Becoming a foster carer is a meaningful journey that involves a few stages with the goal of you providing a safe and nurturing environment for children in need. It is a deeply rewarding commitment that transforms both the lives of children in need and those who open their homes to them. This journey can take about six months, but everyone's experience is different, and we are able to go at a pace that works for you and your situation.

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The journey all begins with a simple enquiry via email, phone, or through our website. From there, we embark on a supportive journey together, starting with a phone conversation followed an initial home visit. This initial stage allows us to understand your unique circumstances and provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision about fostering. While there are basic eligibility requirements, we recognise and value the individual strengths and qualities that each prospective foster carer brings, we are happy to discuss fostering with anyone.

The next stage involves an assessment where a social worker will further explore these strengths. They will continue to guide you every step of the way, from completing background checks to providing training courses, to ensure you feel confident and supported in your fostering journey. Once we have all the required information the final decision about your approval is made by a fostering panel and agency decision maker, who ensure that you can provide a safe and nurturing environment for a child.

If you're considering becoming a foster carer, we encourage you to take the first step by reaching out to us today - together, we can make a lasting difference in a child's life.


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